Have you ever experienced a time where none of your favorite meals sounds appealing? I’m in a mood this week where all of my usual standbys and favorites seem boring. From carbs to veggies, nothing that I can think of to eat sounds remotely appealing.
Since I still have to eat, I find that this is a good time to do three things: 1) eat things that are really healthy but that I might otherwise find unappealing, 2) try new dishes, cuisines, or restaurants, and 3) vow not to eat the same thing more than once a week.
The first two are pretty easy to follow; being unable to follow the last one is how I end up with this problem to begin with. When I love a particular food, I’ve been known to eat it everyday until I just can’t look at it again. My sister likes to warn me to switch it up to avoid having to give up one of my favorites when my body rebels at having to eat the same thing again. It’s good advice that I often don’t follow. The good news is I’ll have a whole list of great new recipes to try. The bad news is that there are some really good ones that I may have to put away for a while.
What are you eating this week? I’m very open to ideas!