I haven’t felt much like cooking (or writing) this week. I’m not sure anyone would have noticed if I didn’t, but I’m trying to be consistent. Since I was short on inspiration, I decided it might be a good week for a list of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.
You may recall one of my earlier posts bemoaning the difficulty of finding good food in this city, but once I was put on the right track, I figured out pretty quickly that there were some pretty fantastic places to eat.
I find myself going back to these places again and again. Some of them are close to work or home, so it makes some sense. If you happen to notice that this is a little heavy on the Caribbean side, I know you’ll forgive me for falling in to my comfort zone.
So here’s my top ten, listed in no particular order:
1. Pam’s Kitchen (Trinidadian): The curried chicken with the paratha is my personal favorite, but the staff will probably try to talk you in to something else (all of it fantastic). If you’re luck enough to show up when they have the pumpkin, make sure to get a side of that as well.
2. Paseo (Cuban): They have main dishes here, but I go for the sandwiches. There’s always a pretty long line, so try to go during the week, and go early enough that they won’t have sold out.
3. Mojitos (Caribbean/Latin American): The location is small, but the staff is nice, and the food and mojitos are excellent.
4. Serious Pie (Pizza): I mostly frown on pizza in Seattle, but this place is actually pretty good! It’s not NY style, but my taste buds still say yes.
5. Toulouse Petit (Cajun): I haven’t had anything here that’s bad, but if you can go for brunch or dessert, I highly recommend both (although not at the same time).
6. The Great Northwest Soup Company (American): There are a lot of great restaurants in South Lake Union, but I eat here on almost a daily basis. The lines during lunch are long, but if you can stand it, the food is worth it.
7. Bizarro (Italian): This is an odd little restaurant. I’m not sure I love all the food, but the lasagna is good, and the tiramisu is amazing.
8. Saba Café (Ethiopian): This place has the advantage of also being open super late.
9. Seastar (Seafood): It’s on the pricier side, but if you can swing in for their lunch special, you can get the great food and stay in a budget.
10. Naam Thai Cuisine (Thai): They have a lunch special that’s pretty…well, special.
There are plenty of other cuisines and places that I love that aren’t on this list, but I figured I had to stop somewhere.
What are some of your favorite places?